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Donate to North Carolina Main Street communities, and your donation will be split equally among Belhaven, Laurinburg, Morehead City, New Bern, Washington, and Whiteville!

Donate to North Carolina Downtown Development Association communities, and your donation will be split equally among non-Main Street communities Beaufort and Wilmington! 

Main Street Communities


Belhaven experienced 4-6 feet of storm surge, and approximately 27 businesses were significantly damaged.




In Laurinburg, approximately 31 buildings were significantly damaged, with one building collapsing and falling on two others.



In Morehead City, 53 downtown buildings were significantly damaged, with 85% of the businesses impacted.  They estimate that the recovery time will be 8-12 months for 7 buildings and 4-8 months for 21 buildings.

Morehead City



New Bern experienced storm surge of 13 feet, with significant damage to 61 buildings.

New Bern



In Washington, more than 15 buildings were damaged, and they experienced 4-6 foot storm surge.




All downtown buildings in Whiteville experienced flooding.

Non-Main Street Communities

Beaufort experienced...




Pounded by rain and wind for three days, more than two dozen buildings were moderately or severely damaged, with more than fifty businesses impacted.  Half a dozen businesses have yet to reopen, and they may not.  Repairs to some buildings are expected to take up to a year.


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